Layout A


Building Area

240 Square Feet

Ceiling Height

8 feet

Box Size

8′ x 30′ (hitch will add 4′ to length)


Exterior Finish

  • T1-11 Siding
  • Bow Truss EPDM Rubber Roof

Interior Finish

  • Vinyl Composition Tile Flooring
  • Suspended T-Grid Ceiling
  • Wooden Wall Panels
  • Luan Wall Panels (Hampton Gray)


  • Horizontal Slider Windows
  • Hollow Core Metal Door


  • LED Ceiling Lights
  • Breaker Panel
  • Electrical Outlets


  • Heat/Air Conditioning Unit
  • Packaged Terminal Heat Pump

Upgrade Options

  • Add Restroom
  • Add/Subtract Walls
  • Add/Subtract Doors
  • Flooring Accommodations
  • Skirting & Tie Downs
  • Security Package


The Smart Choice® for Your Mobile Office Needs

As the only manufacturer of mobile office trailers in the Northwest, you can rest assured that you will be receiving the highest quality office space for the best price. Why pay that middle man mark up when you can buy or lease directly from the manufacturer?

‍Modern’s mobile office trailers can be configured to match any of the floor plans above. We are also able to customize the office space just the way you need it.

‍New units can be made to order. Prices, layouts and availability may vary by location. Optional upgrades are available upon request. Contact sales representatives for details.

  • All units are available for rent, lease, or purchase
  • All units are ADA compliant
  • If your unit has a restroom you must hire a plumber to set up your water and sewer connections


  • What size do I need? (Single, Double, or Triple Wide)
  • How many people do I need to accommodate?
  • How much space do I have?
  • Is the site where I'm placing the office truck accessible? (Is the site clear of obstacles that may impede a truck from reaching the set location?)
  • Is the site flat and level? ( What type of terrain am I setting the building? Does it need to be prepped?)
  • Do I need restrooms? If so, I am responsible for calling a plumber to set up my septic system.
  • Do I need electricity in my office? If so, I am responsible for calling an electrician to hook up my electricity.


  • We are known throughout the industry for being synonymous with quality, craftsmanship, and value for over 48 years. Our top-of-the-line manufacturing process and our personalized services has set us apart for all these years.
  • We can take care of everything! All operations: design, engineering, planning, manufacturing, transportation and assembly of your building can all be done in-house. We are a true one-stop shop for modular building construction.
  • Don’t pay for dealer or middle-man markups. We are the longest running and ONLY factory direct modular building manufacturer in Oregon, Washington, and California.


3 Tips to a Smooth Mobile Office Delivery

Whether it’s your first time leasing a mobile office trailer or your twentieth, it is never a bad idea to review helpful tips. 1. Delivery ‍Before: Modern Building Systems will give your “Site Contact” a call to verify site and other delivery details. We will also let you know the approximate time we will be…

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