As the healthcare industry continues to experience exponential patient growth, the amount of functional space to facilitate day to day operations diminishes. At Modern, we understand the unique space needs of the healthcare profession. Our health care expert team has previously worked with healthcare clients with varying needs including complex medical and research buildings to simple administrative offices.

In addition to our experienced staff, a large component of our success is due to our efficient manufacturing process that makes it possible to complete up to 80% of the building in our factory which greatly reduces the time of completion of all our projects. This speed gives healthcare facilities a greater return on investment because services can begin much sooner over the traditional site built construction method. Factory built construction also: reduces on-site construction activity, decreases site disruption, cuts down on construction waste, and construction can continue year round regardless of the weather. Learn more about additional benefits here.

Let Modern’s experienced team show you why we are THE SMART CHOICE® for your prefabricated construction needs.

Portable Factory Built Classroom Types



Basic Model Classroom

Need a fast and economical way to add classroom space to your school? Look into Modern’s standard classroom for your solution! Our prefabricated classrooms combined with our turnkey services will have you up and running quickly.

  • Vertical sliding windows
  • Vinyl tile or carpeted floors
  • Diffused fluorescent ceiling lights
  • Electric heating and cooling systems
  • T1-11 horizontal exterior siding
  • 8’ ceiling height

High Performance


Energy Efficient Classroom

Our designer classrooms offer a trendy look without sacrificing too much of your budget. These classrooms offer several high performing features that meet or exceed energy standards in multiple states.

  • High efficiency ductless mechanical system
  • Custom siding design
  • Partially Vaulted 9’ ceiling height
  • Upsized custom windows for greater day lighting
  • Corked wall panels
  • Custom teaching wall casework



Green Classroom

Modern’s green line classroom has several sustainable features such as energy efficient lighting, thermal windows, and is constructed using low volatile organic compound (VOC) materials. Learn more about the ways SMART classrooms can save you money, improve your student’s performance, and help the environment by exploring the links below.

  • LED space lighting
  • Split HVAC System
  • Custom paint
  • Cork bulletin board lined walls
  • Aluminum windows

Custom Multi-Classroom


Custom Classroom

Modern offers custom classroom additions that are build to the needs of our clients. Buildings are constructed using the same materials as traditional construction means, but are built within a fraction of the time and cost, while maintaining the same quality.

  • Custom casework
  • Custom windows
  • Custom siding
  • Solar tube day lighting add-on option

Factory Built

Classroom Benefits



Move Around With Ease

Factory built classrooms are constructed with mobility in mind. If there is ever a time where you need to move the classroom to a different space or just want to get rid of it down the road these classrooms give you the flexibility to do so with ease.

Also, since factory built construction is year round, you are able to order begin your project whenever is most continent to meet your deadline.



Anything...Yes, anything

Factory built classrooms don’t have to be boring! The interior and exterior permanent prefabricated classrooms can be outfitted to match the look and feel or your current building. Remember that factory built construction is just a building technique. The same material is used and the same quality can be achieved as you would with traditional construction.



Efficiency and quality at its finest

Prefabricated classrooms can be constructed in as little as 4-6 weeks, which can be up to half the time it would take utilizing conventional construction methods.In many cases the quick turnaround time is crucial to meeting the strict deadline of moving in students to their new building before the year begins.

Cost Savings


Time is money

The accumulating benefits factory built classroom construction ultimately results in more money back in your pocket. The less time a building is on-site means the cost of paying for prevailing wages and tax payer burden is minimized. Also, building in a controlled environment presents you with a high quality and durable building. The true way to cut cost down is to keep your classroom simple. The less finish work involved in the process, the less expensive and the faster your building can be delivered. Purchasing or leasing a used building over anew building may also allow you to cut cost down.

Tax Benefit


Get a tax Break

Factory built classrooms depreciation cycle is 7 years as opposed to the 40 years it takes for conventional construction. Time and money is saved due to the accelerated depreciation because you are able to earn back on your investment sooner.

Cost of a Factory Built Building

It is important for us to be transparent with our customers about how we price factory built buildings. Below are just a few factors that we consider when appraising the cost of constructing a prefabricated building.

  1. Size of Unit
  2. Material Used
  3. Site Preparation
  4. Delivery Location
  5. Complexity of Building
  6. New vs. Used Building

Common Building Types

  • Hospitals
  • Clinics
  • Dentist Offices
  • Diagnostic Imaging
  • Dialysis Centers
  • Laboratories
  • Rehabilitation Centers
  • Physical Therapy Facilities
  • Wellness Center
  • Administrative Offices

Modern’s gallery showcases a small sample of our customized projects.

Contact Modern Building Systems for floor plans based on specific requirements and specifications. All ideas, designs, arrangements, and plans indicated, are represented or produced by Modern Building Systems Inc.  None of such ideas, designs, arrangements, or plans shall be used by any other person without prior written permission of Modern Building Systems Inc.


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