November 2019

Modern Building Systems® has now become the only commercial mobile and modular building manufacturer whose factory operations are run 100% by the power of the sun. A total of 240 solar PV panels were installed on top of Modern’s factory roof this past August generating enough electricity to power the entire factory floor and even put excess energy back on the grid. Modern will continue updating its factory with more green features as part of its ongoing sustainability initiative.


  1. Our factory floor and offices contain motion sensor LED lighting
  2. Up to 90% of material waste is reduced at our factory due to the use of exact materials, having a controlled inventory, and constructing under a controlled environment
  3. We recycle and re-purpose our lumber, motor oil, tires, metal, light bulbs, paper, plastic, and cardboard
  4. All materials are purchased in bulk reducing the amount of material deliveries to our factory
  5. We often refurbish older buildings reducing the amount of energy and raw material needed to construct a new building
  6. On-site noise pollution is reduced due to the completion of 60-90% our buildings on our factory floor


2020 Modern Building Systems - Solar Panel Process


Over the past four months Modern Building Systems® has: 

2020 Modern Building Systems - Environmental Impact
Eliminated 42,719.29 lb of CO2 emissions from coming into the atmosphere

2020 Modern Building Systems - Environmental Impact
The equivalent to planting 1,075.94 trees

Follow our live Solar Edge feed to track how much Modern has impacted the environment with this new update!

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