July 2018

About the Building

The original 24’ x 64’ building was built by Modern in 1996 to serve as daycare facility for the Northwest Regional Educational Service District in Forest Grove, OR.  In 2016, the building was no longer needed and donated to the local Habitat for Humanity chapter. Modern’s donation to Habitat for Humanity also included purchasing and removing the building at no cost to the ESD. Then, it was transformed into a beautiful, newly renovated daycare facility which the Family Nurturing Center would use to expand services as a satellite campus in Phoenix, OR. The building is now home to their no cost daycare services for many students and families.

After Exterior
After Interior
After Interior

The Family Nurturing Center is a nonprofit that is part of Oregon’s innovative and comprehensive response to support children and families in crisis. It operates on a razor thin budget. Modern, along with local contractors, gave discounts and donations to help make the project a reality. Re-purposing and renovating the previously used building not only saved thousands of dollars, but also resulted in less demand to landfills due to the utilization of new materials. Once again, Modern’s Smart Choice method succeeded in meeting our client’s specifications, budgetary restrictions, and quality standards.

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