Grandview School

Location: Grandview, WA

Building size: 20,000 sq. ft.

Number of modules: 30


The modules were shipped to the site and then the interior corridor for this project was constructed on-site using pre-cut wall, roof truss and floor assemblies. The corridor had to be site constructed due to transportation limits on length and height.

Building a spacious corridor not only allowed for easy movement of children as they passed from class to class, but also facilitated space for heat/air conditioning ducting, fire sprinkler piping and phone/data wiring to be routed above the suspended ceiling.

Utilizing modular construction for some of the new space required for this school, gave more time to complete the site built portion of this project without sacrificing school days while construction ensued.

Ensuring that this modular space tied in with the new site built space being constructed, the same finishes were used. Custom wallpaper on interior walls, custom built casework, cherry laminated interior doors with welded frames and re-lites and solid plastic partitions in restrooms, to name a few of the quality finishes

grandview-1-small grandview-2-small grandview-3-small

grandview-4-small grandview-5-small grandview-6-small


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