Beaverton School Dist. Administrative Office


Location: Beaverton, OR

Building size: 2,688 sq. ft.

Number of modules: 3


The Beaverton School District in Beaverton, Oregon, came to Modern Building Systems seeking a green solution to their growing need for administrative space. This 2,688-square-foot building is made up of three modules and contains office space, a records room and a conference room.

This building’s most striking exterior feature is its clerestory roof, which provides architectural interest from the curb and natural light for the open workspace inside. The height and angle of the roofline also facilitates a spacious, open feeling of high ceilings throughout the interior. The panel for the roof was built in Modern’s plant and crane-lifted onto the building once it was delivered to the site.

Another unique feature of this building is the HVAC system, which allows each room’s environment to be controlled individually. The system used here is a high-efficiency design that contributes to the client’s desire for a green structure.

The Beaverton School District chose to work with Modern Building Systems on this project primarily due to the fact that modular building facilitates time-frame requirements. The convenience of being able to use a pre-existing intergovernmental agreement allowed them to bypass the time-consuming and work-intensive bidding process. They were also seeking a solution that would allow for minimal disruption to the operation of their administrative offices.

 beaverton-1-small beaverton-2-small beaverton-3-small


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