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Modern Building Systems, Inc. is able to provide a wide range of services to our customers, including complete home packages beginning with our in-house design and engineering department, which lets us to respond with greater flexibility to the customers specific needs. Modern is positioned to meet this tremendous necessity for Western style 2 x 4 platform construction home packages.

Modern Building Systems, Inc. ability to buy material direct from the factory and our large warehouse facility enables us to supply complete home packages that include competitively priced quality materials.

In addition to providing all the materials needed to construct the home at the site, we are also able to provide pre-assembled panels that are constructed in our factory under closely controlled conditions. Constructing the panels in the factory allows us to use time and materials more efficiently and allows us a greater degree of accuracy than is practical at the job site. The time needed at the site to construct the home is reduced therefore reducing expensive site labor costs.

Modern Building Systems, Inc. is a full-service manufacturer with the experience and expertise to provide cost-effective quality building products and more.


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Modern specializes in the design, engineering and manufacturing of factory-direct mobile and modular buildings.

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We’re able to provide a wide range of factory-direct services to our customers, including complete building packages.

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