Eastern Oregon Adolescent Multi-Treatment Center

Location: Pendleton, OR

Building size: 5,040 sq. ft.

Number of modules: 6


The Eastern Oregon Adolescent Multi-Treatment Center is located in Pendleton, Oregon. The customer was looking for a fast and inexpensive solution to their space problem. Modern Building Systems, Inc. was able to provide an existing 84’ x 60’ building and convert it to meet the their requirements for a designed layout and look. The building was completely renovated inside and out.

Modern Building Systems, Inc. installed all new flooring and ceiling tiles, changed interior walls to accommodate the new floor plan and replaced exterior siding where necessary, then painted the building. In addition, exterior decorative features, like trellises and canopies, were added after the building was on-site to complete the appealing exterior look.

The building was installed on a daylight basement, which allowed the owner to double their usable space. All modules were staged in a nearby parking lot and then crane lifted into place. The crane was also used to put the roof-mounted heating, ventilation and air conditioning units in place.

Being a manufacturer allows Modern Building Systems, Inc. to take a used modular structure and refurbish and convert it to the new owner’s specifications. This is often an even faster and less expensive solution than constructing a complete building. Any used structure can be custom-tailored to the owner’s space requirements.

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