Clackamas County Corrections

Location: N/A

Building size: 19,870 sq. ft.

Number of modules: 24


Clackamas County Corrections Work Release Center is just one example of the complex modular buildings we can provide for the prison industry. This project was built in 1992 and features an intricate electrical system incorporated throughout the building.

Clackamas County Corrections Work Release Center had special requirements for location on a flood plain. Our engineering team designed the building’s finished floor to be approximately 5 feet above the outside grade and incorporated a unique flood plain foundation system.

Clackamus County Corrections Work Release Center has integrated systems for security, fire, voice/data and energy conservation. A complete commercial kitchen facility on premise was designed to accommodate serving 100 people. The entire project was completed in 120 days and ready for immediate occupancy. The entire modular building may be located to another site in the future. This feature is a big advantage when it is necessary to have an initial location on leased ground.

clackamas-1-small clackamas-2-small clackamas-3-small


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