OHSU MRI Facility

Location: Portland, OR

Building size: 2,520 sq. ft.

Number of modules: 3


Built at our plant in Aumsville, Oregon, this building was brought to the site, crane-lifted and installed as part of a full turnkey construction project, including permits, site preparation, concrete walkways, stairs, handicap accessible ramps, alarms, utility extensions and connections.

The stem wall foundation, located on a hillside, had to include a large concrete pad to minimize vibration and accommodate the installation and operation of the MRI. In addition the roof of the building had to be hatched. This was to allow for lifting and placing the multi-million dollar MRI equipment onto the concrete pad. The magnet for the MRI weighs 28,600 lbs and is the latest and most sophisticated MRI in Oregon.

In the MRI room, a lining of special 1-foot-thick steel plating with structural tube columns and copper shielding was installed to walls, floors, and ceilings to protect the magnetic fields from outside radio frequencies in order to enhance high resolutions.

The chilled water-cooling system for the MRI equipment was factory installed as well. A main concern for the customer was to have the facility blend in with the other structures on the campus. An environmentally friendly paneled siding was chosen and the walls are one-hour fire rated. The dormer entry was factory-built as a part of the roof structure. All interior finishes are medical grade; such as stainless steel cabinets and vinyl flooring.

 ohsu-1-small ohsu-2-small ohsu-3-small

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