Tidewater Barge Lines

Location: Vancouver, WA

Number of modules: 3


This floodplain site required engineered fill to be placed in depths of 10 feet to accommodate the office complex.

Working with the owner during the design process, this modern exterior elevation was developed. Variable roof lines give this building the feel of flow and change.

The high visibility entry, known at “The Gallery,” beckons the guests inside to view many of the proud owner’s maritime memorabilia.

Once inside, this attractive office is illuminated by clere-story windows, showcasing beaded wainscoating chair-rail, taped, textured and painted sheetrock walls, accented with recessed lighting, bordered carpet and tile flooring. Large windows throughout the building allow for high visibility of the surrounding areas.

A high efficient gas heating and air conditioning system was configured into six comfort zones for ultimate comfort.

tidewater-barge-lines-1-small tidewater-barge-lines-2-small tidewater-barge-lines-3-small

tidewater-barge-lines-4-small tidewater-barge-lines-5-small tidewater-barge-lines-6-small



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