Bank of The Cascades

Location: Keizer, OR

Building size: 2,400 sq. ft.

Number of modules: 2


Located in Keizer, Oregon, this 2,400-square-foot building for The Bank of the Cascades was completed in a record 60 days. Modern Building Systems manufactured the basic structure and completed the interior while partner Pence-Kelly Construction did the site work, porches and awnings. This bank sports elegant design and stylish attributes inside and out. All of the interior woodwork is cherry, the teller row is laminate, and the windows are high-performance and energy efficient. The exterior is composed of a mixture of rock, western red cedar and factory-finished, standing seam metal. The bank includes a convenient drive-through window for customers on the go.

A special requirement of the Bank of the Cascades was that it needed the building to be completed in a mere 60 days. Manufacturing as much of the bank as possible at Modern Building Systems’ plant eliminated much of the traditional site work and was the best choice for a quality yet quick completion. Furthermore, modular construction allows for simultaneous activities to occur, such as the completion of site development while the building is being constructed – this considerably reduces completion time.

Meeting our customers’ specific requirements, such as in this case, begins with our management team. All aspects of the project can be coordinated by and done at Modern, from design to engineering to construction to site work.

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