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Quality is our future. And yours.our-story-1-big

What makes Modern special? Put simply, it’s our team.

Our people are the difference. They produce a quality of product that’s simply unmatched in the modular industry. Since December 6, 1971, our team has been passionate about what we build and how we put it all together. Our strength is our longevity. And that strength and commitment to quality is why we’ll be around for a long time to come, making sure our customers enjoy the best quality products at the most competitive prices.

We’re the oldest commercial modular building company on the West Coast. Modern is 130 team members strong – and we’re growing. We’re a family owned and operated business, started by Don Rasmussen and carried on by his sons, Jim and Ken Rasmussen.

Our company is a design-and-build manufacturer, constructing everything from offices, medical building and classrooms – essentially anything but residential. We’ve worked for government agencies across the country, built a blast-proof flight simulator for Boeing and constructed a four-story building at the Red Dog Mine near the Arctic Circle.

We lease and sell temporary job-site trailers, mobile sales offices, construction-site offices, portable classrooms, complete schools, modular offices, medical clinics, modular daycare facilities, relocatable buildings, restroom/shower trailers and prefabricated buildings. We have our own fleet of delivery trucks, and maintain our own installation crews, equipment and service departments, so we’re 100% responsible for our work.

We pride ourselves on being the number one choice for top-quality, environmentally friendly buildings at very competitive prices, with no dealer-reseller mark-ups. Our goal is your satisfaction – and making sure your needs have been met and exceeded.


We’re Modern. And we care.

Here’s what our team members have to say about what makes Modern special:


our-story-tom-big“Things change all the time – you have to be prepared for anything. Everyday we are finding creative workarounds. Few companies can turn on a dime like we can. That’s why our customers are so happy.”

“We do the best we can everyday. We’re upbeat and have a positive attitude. We surpass expectations – and that’s why our customers are always happy.”

–Tom Hamilton, Journeyman Plumber
Modern team member since 1990



our-story-dedrea-big“We have great electricians. You can’t see behind the walls, but they do a superb job, meeting code and never cutting corners. Safety is our big focus. We don’t hear from customers – and that’s a good thing.”
“And green is a big theme for us. We want to keep energy costs affordable and reduce energy consumption.”

–Dedrea Vaubel, Electrical Supervisor
Modern team member since 2005





“We do everything, so we don’t need to outsource. That gives us a real advantage. We have better control over the entire process and can react quicker – we’re not at the mercy of suppliers.”


“I implement change. My job is to focus on the next step. Modern doesn’t stay in one place. We continually improve, always moving forward. There’s no question we lead the industry.”

“Our products set the industry standard. That’s why we’ve been in business as long as we have, and why we have lots of loyal and long-time customers. That says a lot about the product we build.”

–Bill Johnson, Construction Manager
Modern team member since 1981


our-story-lani-big“We take pride in our customer satisfaction by going the extra mile during the construction process, starting with design and finishing with the completion of their building onsite.
“We assist throughout the design phase to help our customer select quality products, which are eco-friendly to meet their long-term energy-saving needs.”

“I’m continually adding products to add value in terms of costs and quality. The savings allow the customer to have more options to fit their budget.”

“I’m proud to be part of the Modern team and the quality of products we produce. As a mother of three, it makes me proud to tell the kids that their mom helped construct that building at their school. It’s an amazing feeling when your kids brag about you to their friends.”

–Lani Baze, Purchasing Manager
Modern team member since 2003


For high-quality, factory-direct modular buildings, please contact us today at 800-682-1422.


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