Modular Building Institute Hall of Fame Inducts Donald Rasmussen

After three decades of success and two generations of leadership,Donald D. Rasmussen was inducted into the Modular Building Institute Hall of Fame at the Modular Building Institutes 20th Annual Convention in Tampa, Florida, on March 5, 2002.

Don built his first house when he was 18 years old and entered the modular building business in 1966, building customized homes for Brandis Homes. In 1971, Don Rasmussen founded Modern Building Systems, Inc. Modern’s first projects were medical facilities and bank branches in 1972, when most consumers didn’t know the modular business existed or that upper-end buildings could be factory-built.

Rasmussen’s most publicized project was located at Little Diomede Island in the Bering Sea. The project was a school community center that had to be crane set from a barge, a tough job from any standpoint, let alone from a barge bouncing around on the ocean. The structure was built in 1982 and became a special feature in National Geographic Magazine. From Canada to Mexico, Don Rasmussen built ports of entry, along with immigration centers in California.

Employer of the Year Award

Modern received the Employer of the Year Award from the Salem Chamber of Commerce in 1999. The company became involved in the Business Recycling Awards Group (B.R.A.G.) Program to help conserve resources by reducing waste, recycling and buying recycled products, and received the “Recycler of the Year” Award from the Marion County Board of Commissioners. Modern was the recipient of the Department of Energy SBIR grant to research and develop more energy efficient modular buildings.

Award from Automated Builder

One of the most prestigious awards given by Automated Builder was awarded to Modern for “Excellence in Portable Classroom Design.”

Mobile offices and rental equipment became part of Modern in the early 1990s. Don’s sons, Jim and Ken, are now running the business, which they purchased from Don Rasmussen.


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