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Are we poisoning our children?

October 24th, 2012

Recent research studies conducted at K-12 schools suggest that we are. Research data shows that an alarmingly unhealthy environment is present in many classrooms throughout the U.S.  The indoor air quality in our school buildings is to blame. Specifically, our children and teachers are being needlessly exposed to high levels of carbon dioxide, volatile organic compounds (VOC’s), allergens, viruses and bacteria in the classroom.

The research shows a direct correlation between unhealthy air in the classroom and absenteeism, student performance and student productivity. The scientific data shows that good indoor air quality in the classroom can improve student performance on standardized tests by approximately 15%, reduce absenteeism by 10-20% and prevent many illnesses that are caused by airborne contaminants.

Modern Building Systems believes that children are society’s most important asset and deserve the healthiest possible classroom environment. To that end, Modern is using the extensive knowledge gained from 40+ years of building modular structures to bring cutting edge technology and materials into an advanced portable classroom design. The effort will showcase Modern’s innovative design of the portable classroom with emphasis on indoor air quality, an improved learning environment, energy efficiency and green building practices (LEED). Knowing the budget restraints of many education organizations, Modern is aggressively assessing life cycle costs for green technologies and researching cost effective options. The integrated classroom design blends architectural, structural and mechanical considerations to create an ideal nurturing environment for our next generation of leaders.

The design is expected to be complete by summer 2013 and Modern’s innovative modular classrooms will be available to school districts at that time. Modern’s LEED certified, advanced portable classrooms are

“The Environmentally Smart Choice…”.


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