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A Time For Thanksgiving

November 13th, 2010

In these difficult economic times, it’s heartwarming how one simple gesture of kindness can positively affect hundreds of people’s lives.

Modern Building Systems was recently faced with a surprising request from one of our faithful, long-time customers. They requested the return of several of their leased buildings that housed many of their church’s programs for adults and children. Immediately Modern questioned the return of buildings that were so key to their ministry.   After contacting the faithful parishioners, the facts came out. The return of the buildings was a matter of dollars and cents.

Conversations concerning cutting back expenses are happening everywhere; in the business place, schools, parks, and our homes.  All of us knowing that any cut back will cause someone pain, someone to suffer.  Modern did not want this to happen to this local church.  Modern – out of respect to the decade long partnership – offered the congregation a temporary donation, a donation that would keep their fellowship thriving!

Modern was prepared for the sacrifice to our bottom line. What we were not fully prepared for was the outpouring of thankfulness and goodwill. Below is just a sample (of only a few!) of the cards & notes that we were blessed to receive.

 We appreciate your ongoing business. May the modular space bless you & your ministries as much as you have blessed us with your faithfulness & gratitude. We look forward to doing business with you for many years to come.

–  Modern Building Systems, Inc.

“I hope you know how much it means to us as a church and especially as parents.” – Dale & Wendy  

“Thank you so much for your wonderful gift. My wife and I both have tears in our eyes…”

“Your generosity does not come without much appreciation and awe. In an economy where so many are struggling, to find an answer to our church’s prayer from your own sacrifice is amazing.” – Debbie

“I used to work in the Wilsonville plant and the Aumsville plant. Thank you for changing lives.”

“Because of your generosity I am able to continue leading a Tuesday evening Bible study for a couple of men who desperately need to stay connected.” – David

“You’ve shown amazing character. Thank you.”

“Thank you so much for blessing our student ministries with your gift. I have been involved with student ministries … and have seen firsthand the value of your gift.” – Deanna

“May God bless your company, your employees and their families.”

Doing good often brings greatness. Thank you for your greatness and bless you.”

“These very special buildings are truly used fully to strengthen the youth in our community and they are never taken for granted!” – Karleen

“With your gift you have made the impossible possible. I thank you…” – Eric

“Your generosity to Dayspring is overwhelming! I pray God will bless your business abundantly.” – Laree

“When I heard the news of your generosity it sent chills through me! You have no idea how much of a difference you have made in our kids and our teens” – Jenn


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